Terrence’s Day of Service

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Terrence’s Day of Service, A Community Action and Remembrance Event for Victims of Chicago Violence and Their Families

“A day of service and remembrance for victims of Chicago violence and their families, Terrence’s Day of Service features remembrance gifts for families and service developments that target neighborhoods through art, gardening and cleanup projects for solution-based action.”

May 26th 2019: 2 PM – 6 PM at Sherman Park – Chicago, IL 

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Never Forget Chicago presents Terrence’s Day of Service, the event is a day of service and remembrance for victims of Chicago violence and their families.  The event will take place on Sunday, May 26th from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Sherman Park.

On Terrence’s Day of Service, families that have lost someone to Chicago violence will receive remembrance gifts in honor, and in name of, their loved ones. These gifts serve as an important reminder that all of Chicago stands committed to keeping the memory of their loved one alive, and that such a memory is not lost to violence.

Families participating will take part in a community day that is aimed at undoing dilapidated conditions that foster violence in Chicago neighborhoods. Through taking direct action, Terrence’s Day of Service is a therapeutic experience for families and an opportunity for them to participate directly in productive, solution-based actions to reduce violent crime trends in Chicago.

This year, three community projects are available for participants. They include an art project, where participants paint signage to spread positive messages in the neighborhood; a garden project, where participants plant seeds of hope and disseminate raised plant beds throughout the neighborhood; and a cleanup project, where participants work together to pick up trash and unsightly elements from neighborhood streets as part of a beautification effort.

Terrence’s Day of Service is open to participants of all ages. If interested in participating, please RSVP by Friday, May 17th, 2019.

Terrence, an anti-violence mascot, represents the innocence lost each day by violence in Chicago, and he is a public figure symbolic of peace, love and hope in remembrance of the victims of violence and their families, and a hope to someday live in a violence-free society. Join us and participate on Sunday, May 26th.

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