Never Forget Chicago:

Never Forget Chicago is a cornerstone initiative of The Emcays Philanthropies NFP (501 c3). The project uses the act of remembrance as a tool to provide reconciliation and restorative transformation. Since 2013 Never Forget has focused on healing the hurt and battered individuals affected by violence through individualized dedications and providing a space of sanctuary, healing and community. 


There is HEALING in remembrance

Too often society forces individuals to suppress and ignore their hurt. However, acknowledgment of pain and suffering is key to healing. This restoration and reconciliation happens through remembrance as we show that the pain and loss matter to the individual and entire community.

There is UNITY in remembrance

It is remarkable how shared experiences of tragedy and loss can often enable us to make deep connections with others that we otherwise wouldn’t. By acknowledging our shared pain of loss and honoring victims of violence, we are able to create strong communities that share a common purpose and desire for change.

There is CHANGE in remembrance

Change begins with awareness. This awareness is  brought about through addressing the conditions that result in this loss, through honoring human lives as more than just numbers, and through our unified acknowledgement of pain and loss.

There is PEACE in remembrance

Reflecting on past experiences gives us clarity on how we want to proceed in the future. It is this clarity and understanding that creates a sense of peace. The resolve and acceptance of the tragic loss and experience help us push towards a world where we will not repeat our violent mistakes again. There shall be peace, not only in the streets, but in our hearts and minds.