He was 18 years of age when he was fatally shot . The incident occurred in the train track in the North Lawndale Chicago neighborhood.
  • Big Sis says:

    Love you Lil Bro foreva

  • Ms. D says:

    Thank you for being a constant source of positivity and kindness in the classroom. You touched so many of us in the Bulls Prep community, and your light will shine on in our hearts forever, Amanii.

  • SIS says:

    I love you forever Brother

  • Stephanie Lindsey says:

    he was my sunshine.my soul is broken forever.

  • Big Sis Bri says:

    My heart is forever broken w/o you here with us.

  • Big Sis Bri says:

    Missing you Amanii everyday

  • Poo says:

    It’s almost your birthday. Love you and miss you lil cousin

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    Still thinking of you everyday. I love you Amanii

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    Still thinking about you every day kid. We love you Amanii and miss you so much

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    Happy 20th Birthday Amanii. I wish you could be here to celebrate you. We miss you and we love you.

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    I love you Amanii and miss you.

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