He was 41 years of age when he was fatally shot . The murder happened in the South Deering Chicago neighborhood.
  • Christine Fields says:

    My Son didn’t deserve this may we find JUSTICE

  • Robin Shaw says:

    Since that terrible Monday I hate mondays. I miss you so much. They don’t know what they took. Our son struggles on a daily. He ask momma why they had to kill my father? That’s a question I want answered. I miss you down here. I never thought of life without out you here. I will forever love you and I can still hear your laugh. Love, Robin

  • Kisha B says:

    Hey bae you are so miss down here. Not a day go by that I dont cry. I pray that they find who ever did this to you or they that they feel the pain they cause. I miss you more than you can know. I love you Chris always and forever your forever girl. JUSTICE FOR CHRIS BY ANY MEANS !!!

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