He was 16 years of age when he was fatally shot. The incident took place in the home in the Englewood Chicago neighborhood.
  • dominique atkins says:

    My life will never be the same my only child was taken from me and I will never be ok with that..my best friend is gone and I have no clue of how to live without my son..

  • Dominique says:

    I miss you so much son son..

  • Dominique says:

    I wish I could hold you one more time baby boy..

  • Dominique says:

    I love you son n missing you like crazy

  • dominique atkins says:

    Please, don’t cry.
    I’m not really gone.
    When you look out the window,
    I’ll be standing on the lawn.

    Please, don’t cry.
    I’ll see you again.
    Don’t be sad;
    Keep up your chin.

    Please, don’t cry.
    I’m not really dead.
    When you cry yourself to sleep,
    I’ll be by your bed.

    Please, don’t cry.
    Just because we had to part,
    As long as you remember me,
    I’ll live in your heart.

    Please, don’t cry.
    I’m not gone forever.
    I’ll be a cool and gentle breeze
    In hot summer weather.

    Please, don’t cry.
    Don’t run and hide.
    When you need a shoulder to lean on,
    I’ll be by your side.

    Please, don’t cry.
    When you’re sad and weak,
    I’ll be there
    To kiss you on the cheek.

    Please, don’t cry.
    This is just a goodbye.
    So please, oh please,
    Baby, do not cry.

  • dominique atkins says:

    I only have a picture now,
    A frozen piece of time,
    To remind me of how it was
    When you were here and mine.

    I see your smiling eyes
    Each morning when I wake.
    I talk to you and place a kiss
    Upon your lovely face.

    How much I miss you being here,
    I really cannot say.
    The ache is deep inside my heart
    And never goes away.

    I hear it mentioned often
    That time will heal the pain,
    But if I’m being honest,
    I hope it will remain.

    I need to feel you constantly,
    To get me through the day.
    I loved you so very much.
    Why did you go away?

    The angels came and took you,
    That really wasn’t fair.
    They took my one and only son,
    My future life, my heir.

    If only they had asked me
    If I would take your place.
    I would have done so willingly,
    Leaving you this world to grace.

    You should have had so many years
    To watch your life unfold,
    And in the midst of this,
    Watch me, your Mum, grow old!

    I hope you’re watching from above,
    At the daily tasks I do,
    And let there be no doubt at all,
    I really do love you.

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