He was 31 years of age when he was fatally shot . The killing occurred in the Austin Chicago neighborhood.
  • Poohey says:

    Was A Good Friend My Manager And Also Like A Big Brother To Me I Will Miss Him Dearly ….

    • Kim says:

      I often heard him talk about you. You were like a kid brother. Can you tell me why that punk shot him??

  • Kim says:

    I loved you and I always will. I told you to get out of that damn neighborhood!
    I will miss you forever, baby. Every time I see Goofy, I’ll get a pain in my heart as I think of you. R.I.P. Darlin’ -Your Daffy

  • Kim says:

    He walked alone the night he died.
    This handsome young man who had nothing to hide.
    He had dreams and had ambitions
    We’d have made it but I had my suspicions.
    I believe he would have made it if not for those thugs
    Who shot him dead, most likely for drugs.
    I love you, Cornell

    Cornell knew a lot of people and had friends. I wonder why no one tried to help him in his own hood.

  • "Mamacita" says:

    Track 4 of your last album you told me it’s been too long but you’re patient and will wait…
    This is from me, baby…
    Sorry I never told you
    All I wanted to say…
    And now it’s too late to hold you
    ‘Cause you’ve flown away
    Never had I imagined
    Living without your smile
    Feelin’ knowin’ you hear me
    It keeps me alive alive
    And I know you’re shining down on me from Heaven
    And I know eventually we’ll be together (together)
    One sweet day
    I’ll wait patiently to see you in heaven

  • Kim says:

    It wasn’t fast cars kept my heart racin’
    It was that fine boy, nickname of Jason
    Almost to the finish line, motor revvin’
    But God took you straight to Heaven.
    And I’m missin’, missin’ your touch, man
    I wish I could bring you back from Heaven.

    Love you Sweetheart

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