He was 21 years of age when he was killed as a result of gunshot . The incident happened in an alley in the Pullman Chicago neighborhood.
  • Tonie Roberts says:

    Sending my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Family.

  • Ms. B. says:

    My LORD GOD ALMIGHTY knows I’m at a loss of words. When I saw discovered his name: I knew in my heart I only know one precious soul with the name: Darieus Mohead.

    He knew me as Ms. B. I worked at TR for close to 3 years and he was most definitely one of the plethora of students I loved (still love with the LOVE OF GOD) in me for all the ones I worked or simply traveled through the halls with. We we’re so proud when he worked to get transitioned into another level of classes. Oh, that SMILE!!!

    He loved his Mom (a beautiful lady she is)…I believe he has a younger Sister as well. By GOD’S grace I will pray for the family. The LORD comfort and strengthen their hearts. SOULS NEED TO TURN TO JESUS and REPENT to GOD asking forgiveness. PEOPLE NEED THE LORD. Darieus you are loved and missed stillāœ.

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