He was 19 years of age when he was fatally shot . The killing happened in the backyard in the Englewood Chicago neighborhood. Additional information about the story can be read here. .
  • Michael says:

    It’s Crazy How You Lose Someone You Knew Since Birth I’m Gone ForEver Carry Your Name Wherever I Go ✍ I Love You Jacob Forreal I Never Knew The Last Time I Walked Away From You Would Be The Last Time I Would See You My Life Won’t Ever Be The Same Without You #IAmJacobsKeeper

  • Jae says:

    I love you brother we been through hell in our life with mama with life and not even being able to be a kid at times but we didn’t give up u remain the same through it all funny caring helpful and annoying as usual I will never forget our fights I will never forget our moments I will never forget your boss up talks I will never forget you. You were just finding yourself I remember you bring the dirtiest lil thang to you not even wanna go out side without socks that match a shirt that match anything boo u was fly and fine I love y’all

  • Danthony his blood brother says:

    My blood fr

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