He was 27 years of age when he was fatally shot . The homicide took place in the gangway in the South Chicago Chicago neighborhood.
  • Yaniece Brownlee says:

    I Love you son when they took you they took me too..

  • Jayonna says:

    I love and miss you buzz️watch over us and continue giving your mom the strength to keep going she’s a strong lady fasuree I love y’all

  • Leslie Thompson says:

    Love and miss you cousin keep watching over us ️

  • Stella says:

    Love u Yaniece , You’re truly missed Jaelon , Watch over your momma & siblings, Sleep well nephew ❤️.. Love Stella

  • Yaniece Brownlee says:

    Been Thinking about you son these Holidays coming up. Is tearing me up. I will keep it together best I could Jae. Mom Dukes Love and miss you so much.❤❤

  • Yaniece Brownlee says:

    I Love you and miss you so much sonshine.. My Redhead baby❤ Please give me the strength to make it through

  • Yaniece Brownlee says:

    Hey sunshine today is rough for me I’m bitter as you probably know. I cooked for your sister I really didn’t want to I push through though.. I miss you and I try not to be angry I am you were taken from me.. I love you if I can turn back the hands of time.. If I knew when I saw you that morning that would have been my last time. I’m glad I got to tell you I Love you when I was leaving for work.. I have so many emotions I will today think about your smile how if you were here how you would come in with a smile to light up a room. Going straight for the food after you JJwash your hand eating meat only then coming back me saying just make a whole plate Jaelon I miss you soooo much my headache and my heartache. I Love you son

  • Your mom says:

    Love you son.. Mommy miss you❤

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