He was 18 years of age when he was fatally shot In a hotel. The killing occurred in the Streeterville Chicago neighborhood.
  • Jenevia Carter says:

    I miss you son

  • Big Slime says:

    Kejuan Kejuan Kejuan!♾️ very smart, bright, energetic, Brave,&a warrior! His smile smile could turn your sorrows into joy.


  • Grandma says:

    My grandson I love you sooooo much … you had so much life that a lot of us still receiving energy from your life your memories your energy your spirit still resides cause you shared it openly not selfishly… you were my wind my lifeline and I still look to hear your words to push me into God’s arms

  • Grandma says:

    Hey grandson life is so different without you there are moments where there is pain but just moments because even in your absence your still my push

    I love you and into we meet again in eternity I will continue to talk about you and how great you are

  • Kenyetta Polk says:

    We’re walking this horrible journey together. I love y’all. Always and forever

  • Grandma says:

    Hey Grandson… I love you I miss you so much … trying to stay busy in positive things and somehow make since out of the unsensable! Just wanted to stop by and honor your life … as it says you are never forgotten and I want to make sure of that! You are very special to many and I talk in present because you are important and special to many as we prepare to celebrate your life and remember you you are blessed and so are we

    I thank God for your life

    Love Grandma

    Aiden kisses everything with you on it

    You are missed

  • Grandma says:



  • Big slime says:

    Your birthday is Sunday nephew . It’s killing me but I miss you. Happy early birthday

  • Mom says:

    Yesterday was your birthday and everything was how we talked about only thing is you wasn’t there to see it all. I’m pushing but the heartache just seems to get worse by the day.
    I love u son & miss u more than words can explain

  • Grandma says:

    Hey My Beloved Grandson sitting here thinking about you missing you soooo much words can’t describe… seems like the more time goes by the harder it get to not have you here… it’s a struggle BUT GOD right… that’s all I got…. And memories which I can’t let fade away I pray my mind and my heart always retain our memories our love and our bond… ohhhh how I miss you sooo much I think sometimes you ain’t got battle against the world no more … but maybe I’m selfish cause I wish you where you were here physically so we could fight the world and it’s demons together… I pray your soul is at peace as it is for to be absent from the body is to present with the Lord!!

    Ttyl forever in my heart forever my push

  • Grandma says:

    My Beloved Grandson

    The Wind Beneath My Wings

    Extremely different unconditionally loved

    Special from birth… haters at a very young age simple because you shined so bright you lit up any room you walk in

    Simply Fabulous is what you were and will always be…

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