Loving Father Brother and Son was 16 years of age when he was fatally shot during a drive by. The homicide occurred in the vehicle in the Loop Chicago neighborhood.
  • melodie says:

    i miss you big cousin we all miss you gone buh never forgotten you will forever be in our hearts.

  • Victoria Fillyaw says:

    That million dollar smile will always be remembered
    I love you Tanky and when I hug you never thought it a be my last always in my heart your big cousin forever

  • Stormy says:

    I love you always nephew, still feel so unreal

  • Rennie says:

    Prayers for your family. I really miss you Lil bro. We had our ups and downs at school but we still had respect for each other. Love you kid. Till we meet again.❤

  • Danijaaa says:

    Donnn,,WE MISSING YU SO MUCH DOWN HERE DAWG❗️Why you haft to leave ,,,it’s your world we jus living in it!!!!!!! Long live my dawg

  • mom says:

    i miss u son i can’t believe ur not here with me

  • Shatara says:

    I miss you so much little brother your smile your laugh everything I can’t believe you’re gone I don’t know how else to feel but heartbroken when I hear your name you’ll always be in my heart and I’ll never forget you

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