He was 29 years of age when he was attacked . The murder happened in the backyard in the Chatham Chicago neighborhood.
  • Lashonda Griffin says:

    Your name should not have made this kind of news baby I’m so sorry . I love you my big baby.

  • Tiffany Patterson says:

    I love you so much brother sleep peacefully

  • Robb says:

    You hurt me w this blood , I wa s Just was just w chu , Litterally planning a trip for my birthday blood why you do that

  • Kevin says:

    I’m sooo salty I’m just now finding out about this… It sucks this had to happen to you. Out of all people, you didn’t deserve this. You weren’t finished serving your purpose.

    From 2013-2020, you was my homie and I’ll never forget the laughs we shared, the friendship we built or the bond we created over these last 7 years! I remember that one time we grabbed a 5th at like 8 in the morning and just kicked it on 11th, and played songs back to back and vibed for 8 hours straight…

    You was more than just a friend to me, and I’m grateful I got the opportunity to experience your presence, your lingo, your sense of humor, your passion for life and our mutual thirst for triumph over everybody who doubted us or said we wouldn’t make it. I know you in a better place now and I pray that you watch over me and those you left behind.
    #RestUpMalcolm you will truly be missed!

  • Sherree Jones says:

    Nephew if I can truly express my feeling they would block my post!!

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