He was 16 years of age when he was fatally shot during an armed robbery. The slaying occurred in the West Ridge Chicago neighborhood.
  • Bambi says:

    I can’t help but think about you now and then …my special friend .. more then I can help more then I’d like too .. because it makes me emotional.. sometimes it makes me wanna cry out why ?…you beautiful souled baby boy you are missed !!! I wish I was around you more before you left ..it breaks me to pieces everyday ..Sarge I miss your smile ..I miss how you would say things to get me mad just so we could go back and fourth and make up ..how you swooned me despite being a little youngeryou told me about your life and some of the things you went through and I just wanna say I’m sorry for that..no child should have to deal with the things life has gave you but yet you were still so resilient…I’m sorry I couldn’t see you one last time papa..I’m sorry I couldn’t kiss your face one last time :( …back in high school we were so lost … I remember all of us meeting up after school .laughing and hanging out ..I remember the day I met you .. downtown in McDonald’s …2 tall with the ski goggles ..the way you ran around with me on your back ..you were so full of life ❤️And a lot of people couldn’t see it but you were so full of love too baby ! Your personality was pure comedy and stressful at times as well I wanted to be around you 25-8 but circumstances prevented that from happening .. people just Didn’t get it ..but I get it …and I feel you … around me .. When I least expect it … I just want you to know I miss you .. I love you .. I don’t care I LOVEEEE YOU !!! May your soul forever live longgggggg angel ❤️Forever remembering you I hope you come and see me in my dreams tonight :( ! Bambi misses you ..I can’t wait to visit you Rest in paradise love ..I’m sorry it had to be this way baby

    • Too Tall Momma says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my baby boy yes he was so special and had his way of touching so many hearts his smile would brighten any dark room I love and miss him more and more each day and I am so glad that he was able to ahead his light on you love you ❤️❤️

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