He was 19 years of age when he was fatally shot . The incident happened on a sidewalk in the Chicago Lawn Chicago neighborhood.
  • Mellanie says:

    Hey Bestfriend, I love you and miss you very very very much, hope heaven treating you well up there, I’ll see you soon Shon P.S. Sending my condolences to the family, and justice

  • Kayti says:

    my thoughts about this whole situation is that. it is just crazy of how this young man got shot while helping his mom bring in groceries into the house and someone just chose that day to take his life

  • Lakesha Douglas says:

    My deepest condolences ️⚖️

  • kayti says:

    i feel like. Whoever shot shon deserve to be put in prison. this case should stay open until they find out who killed shon. Because he didn’t deserve this all he was do was minding his business and someone just chose to pull up and shoot at him for no reason. people are crushed by this shon family is hurt and lost at words about this. THEY NEED JUSTICE FOR SHON STARKS. and i will never forget him and will continue to remember the memories.

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