He was 21 years of age when he was fatally shot . The incident occurred in a vehicle in the Austin Chicago neighborhood.
  • Mom & Pops says:

    He was such a loved young man. A Son, brother, grandson, Nephew and Father. Such a senseless and coward act. He will forever be in our hearts, thoughts and with us.
    You left us too young and took our hearts with you!!!!
    Missing you Always Forgetting you Never!!!!!
    We Love you

  • Middle school friend says:

    Hey bro, I’m sorry we didn’t talk much before everything happened. I think about where you are now man. I hope I’ll see you again, tell you how your death shocked me so much. Still confused bro. You were always nothing but love. RIP man

    • Mom Lozada says:

      Thank you for that. He indeed was loved. Had a heart of Gold!! A true friend to so many. His passing made an immense impact to so many people. We are all Devastated and in still in shock. We Love him and miss him beyond words.
      Mom Lozada

  • Mom says:

    Here we are…….
    A full year has passed us by.
    Tell me why my brain hasn’t soaked in the fact that this has happened? I miss you so much that thinking of you stops my breath. It’s a pain that suffocates me. I thank you for leaving me your babies but I would have preferred you to stay and watch them grow. If I could go back to that horrific day I woulda took your place without a second thought. I loved you soooo much during the years I had with you and I’ll love you that much more til I see your face and hug you again!!!!
    You already know!!!!

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