He was 21 years of age when he was fatally shot . The murder happened in the McKinley Park Chicago neighborhood.
  • Capitango says:

    We rise as a unit and those that can,…leave! Leave the south side to the thugs, drug dealers n wrongdoers. The gov forced you to live there bc its cheap! Ohare and surroundings suburbs are good to live in! I’m mexican and I wouldn’t dare to live around Mexicans. Not that a mexican did this, but a lot of Mexicans think wrong! Why tie to a gang? The most powerful set is Christianity. Dont level down ever. The south side and upper north is so terrible for us! I can’t no more.

  • Gioz Guevara says:

    My work is for you people that need harmony and peace. If I could I would buy houses for people to live out here in the burbs like Skokie Glencoe Wilmette Elmwoodpark RiverGrove Etc.

  • Capitango says:

    I pray for this city! I banned all dumb music that influences people to be halve-nots! Wannabees!

  • Oelia Jaime says:

    Happy Heavenly Birthday my Son Jeancarlo
    Always in my heart.
    You took half when you died.
    I still pray all involved in your death..speak up and God makes Justice you would be today 23 years old.

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