My son always had the biggest smile! He was so funny and loved music & dancing was 16 years of age when he was fatally shot While standing outside with his girlfriend. The slaying occurred on a sidewalk in the Lower West Side Chicago neighborhood.
  • Aléjandra Brigham says:

    As the time grows closer to the anniversary of your home going, I can start to feel your presence every where. Songs you used to love to listen to play on the radio and pop up more frequently on YouTube. Lovely reminders of you singing along by yourself or with your sisters and friends ❤️ I love to hear your favorite songs playing and I turned the up and sing along as loud as we used too! Brings tears to my eyes but not the same as before. Now with much more joyful memories. Lifts my spirits to know your up their dancing in the sky, bouncing and bopping on the clouds I miss you so much sunshine

  • Sandra says:

    I love you my beautiful son, “My Sunshine” ❤️

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