He with an unknown age when he was fatally shot. The slaying took place.
  • Toneya McIntosh says:

    Son this has been the hardest journey for me since you was murdered I’m trying so hard to continue to stayed strong I missed so many things about you and it hurts so badly…I will continue to loved and cherish every memory of the 20yrs God gave me with you…I offered wonder what you will be like if you was still here…I’m just waiting for you to come to me I feel you at times near my present…I kindly had dreams of you but really blurry…I truly need closure…your Son’s are growing up just as handsome as you were…I wish you were here to see them it’s amazing…I have so much to share with you it’s so strange and unfair…just come and visit me my beloved Son I missed and loved you so much

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